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Photo annotations are not displayed - Surface pro
Last Updated a year ago


On some hardware using 11th generation Intel processors (Surface Pro 7+ and Surface Pro 8 in particular), BatiScript's photo annotation window has display problems:

Entered annotations are not always visible

Photo cropping cannot be used


The problem comes from the Intel graphics driver and impacts all WPF applications with advanced display interfaces. A driver patch has been deployed by Intel but it has not yet been included in the automatic Windows updates.


It is possible to update the driver through the Intel Drivers and Support Wizard:

Download and install the wizard:

Once installed, navigate to the analysis page:


Once the system is scanned, the "Intel Graphics - Windows DCH Drivers" update should be offered. Check "I understand and wish to continue" and click on "Download".
Once the download is complete, follow the steps to install the update.


Once the installation is complete, reboot your machine.

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