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PDF report generation error
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As a reminder:

BatiScript uses Microsoft Office to convert Office documents to PDF. Most of the export problems are related to an Office installation problem.

To get the most out of Batiscript, Microsoft Office 2010 or higher is required and only one version of Microsoft Office must be installed on the machine.

- The operation failed because it requires Microsoft Office

BatiScript did not detect an Office version installed on the machine:

If Office is indeed not installed on the machine, install a version of Office higher or equal to 2010
If Office is installed on the machine:
Restart the machine and retry a report generation
If the reboot does not work, try to repair Microsoft Office by going to windows settings -> applications -> Microsoft Office and click on "Modify" and then repair
Reboot the machine and retry a report generation
Open regedit.exe


and check that the key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Word.Application exists

- An error occurred while generating the PDF document

BatiScript cannot access the Office Interop APIs because the Windows registry entries for the Office suite are incorrect. The most likely cause is that several versions of Microsoft Office are installed on the machine or that a version has not been completely uninstalled:

With the IT department you can check the different points here:

If the problem persists even after having carried out these operations, please contact our support service at 02 30 96 20 60 or by mail: or create a ticket here

- Report generation problem


BatiScript has encountered an unknown error, please click on "send a report" and contact our support department at 02 30 96 20 60 or by mail: or create a tickethere

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