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Adresses and ports in use (software with synchronization)
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Installing and using Script&Go software with networking features such as synchronization requires access to specific adresses and ports. These may be blocked by default by your company network for security purposes.

To make sure that our software can be installed and used online, it is necessary to give the following information to your IT department:
List of adresses and ports used by Script&Go software (with synchronization)

Website & ClickOnce download: port 80.
License verification: ports 80 and 443.

A self-signed SSL certificate is used for the latter, here are its fingerprints if need be:
SHA-256: 43:2E:9E:89:39:68:75:7E:4C:ED:DB:72:F6:5F:9F:2B:CC:DF:28:AB:1F:5D:6C:59:E1:51:D5:87:C3:D8:8E:46
SHA1: E9:02:66:D3:BF:B0:9B:52:1E:BB:A6:7F:D5:CA:93:25:BA:B4:15:06

Webservices: ports 80, 443

Note: these information only concern software with synchronization. For other software, please visit this page.

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