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Unable to import in pdf plan "An error occurred during import"
Last Updated 4 months ago

You try to import your plans in pdf format into the plan file cabinet, and you get an error message "An error occurred during import".

This error message may appear if the .pdf document you are trying to import has been protected. The author of the document has added restrictions, which are visible in the document properties. To correct the problem, we recommend that you contact the author of the document to remove the modification restrictions. If you are the author of the document, check in the settings of your plan creation software, there is certainly a setting that allows you to change these restrictions.

You still have the same error after lifting the restrictions, or you are not sure if you have a document with restrictions? Please contact us by creating a ticket and don't forget to add your .pdf document as an attachment so that our team can investigate and bring you a solution.

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