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Configuration of e-mail alerts
Last Updated 2 years ago

Since version 1.20 of BatiScript (license with synchronization only), it is possible to receive e-mail alerts when modifications are made to your non-conformities.

Setting up alerts

You can go to the following address:
Accessible also from BatiScript (tab "My Account" in the application settings).

You must then use the same login/password that you use to connect to the BatiScript application.

For each of your projects you will see the following elements:

My non-conformities
All non-conformities

If you activate "My non-conformities", an email will be sent when modifications have been made on a non-conformity concerning you. You are concerned if :

You appear in the history of this non-conformity
You are the subcontractor assigned to this non-conformity
You are a final customer and this non-conformity concerns your goods

If you activate "All non-conformities" (not accessible to the subcontractor and the final customer), an email will be sent when modifications have been made on any of the non-conformities.

Once you have selected which project(s) you would like to receive alerts for, don't forget to click on the "Save" button at the bottom right of the page.

You are now ready to receive email alerts from BatiScript!

The alerts will be sent to the email address you entered in your BatiScript account. This address is accessible from the "My Account" tab in the application settings.

Alerts are supervised and sent by the server after each synchronization. Thus you will receive a message containing all the changes when a user synchronizes after having made several changes. But you will receive a message after each modification if the user synchronizes as soon as a modification is made.

An email is sent in case of creation, modification (of status, title, observation) or deletion of non-conformities.

The email address used to send the alert is :
if you never receive alerts, please check your spam folder, or add this address to your list of authorized addresses.

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