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The camera is not accessible - Windows 10
Last Updated about a month ago

If you get an error like "An error has occurred... Used by another application ... "

Check the Windows privacy settings

- Settings -> Privacy settings -> "Camera" tab.
The box "Allow applications to use my camera" must be set to "Enabled".


- In the same way, allowing access to the microphone


Another thing to check:

your antivirus

Indeed, some Antivirus software (Kapersky for example) can block access to your peripherals.

It is then necessary to check in the parameters of confidentiality of this antivirus, that our software can reach the camera.

- Also check Windows updates by going to Windows settings -> update and security, if Windows offers you updates that are major or optional, you must install them all for the proper functioning of the application.

- Try to uninstall the device from device manager and then restart your machine because in some cases this can also solve the problem


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