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The stylus is not correctly recognised // Which stylus should you choose ?
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The application does not acknowledge the actions affected by the stylus and interprets them as tactile actions (carried out with a finger). The writing fields do not suggest the handwriting recognition and it’s impossible to make comments.


In Script&Go applications, the use of a recognised stylus allows handwriting recognition technology to be used directly in the application fields. However an unadapted stylus is not recognised as a stylus but as a finger. This means tactile movements and stylus actions are interpreted differently by Script&Go applications in function of contexts (writing fields, navigation on a plan or on a sheet, comment making, etc.).


There are two main stylus technologies, induction technology and capacitive technology. The capacitive stylus actions are interpreted by the machine as tactile actions and so can’t benefit from the stylus interactions described below. So you are advised to use an induction stylus to benefit fully from the possibility of Script&Go applications and for the best Windows user experience.

Induction technology :
Script&Go recommends it’s users to use this type of stylus, with these characteristics :

  • sensitivity to pressure applied ;
  • palm shake blocking ;
  • access to available Script&Go applications (including handwriting recognition in application fields;
  • fine nib ;
  • only for use on compatible tablets ;
  • more expensive ;
  • some brands require a battery
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Capacitive Technology :
Script&Go does not recommend this stylus type with the following characteristics to its users

  • no sensitivity to pressure applied ;
  • no palm shake blocking ;
  • limited interactions in Script&Go applications (no handwriting recognition in fields)
  • round nib ;
  • usable on all tablets ;
  • inexpensive
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