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Error message during stylus input in a text field
Last Updated 5 years ago


While a user tries to input a text field with a stylus in a Script & Go application an error message shows and the software suggests sending an error report.


The problem appears while the Windows handwriting recognition module for the English language is not installed. This situation could arise in several places :
  • Where the main Windows language is a foreign language.
  • Where Windows was installed on the device in a foreign language and then turned to English later.
Script & Go applications are based on this module for handwriting recognition in text fields, an error message appears while a user tries to input text with a stylus.


In Windows language settings, select the English language (add if it is not there), then in advanced options, install the handwriting recognition option, also called the handwriting module. This procedure is valid with any version of Windows.

Detailed instructions for Windows 10 :

  • In the search bar, tap Language.
  • Choose Region and Language settings from the options given.
  • In the languages list, click on the English (UK) language, then click Options. If English is not present in the list, it needs to be added beforehand, by clicking Add a language.

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