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Create a subcontractor user for BatiScript
Last Updated 5 years ago

Subcontractor licence checking

  • Go to Data Management -> User Management -> Smartphone Licences
  • Check that Subcontractor tokens are available
Subcontractor user creation and organisation link

  • Go to Data Management -> User Management
  • Click on Add User
  • Enter user information
  • In Profile, select SubContractor
  • Click on the Organisation icon: image
  • Select the organisation associated to the user or service provider and to whom you desire to create a smartphone subcontractor account for..
  • Approve by clicking on the back arrow icon which leads to the previous window. image
The user profile is created and a token is taken from those available with a smartphone subcontractor licence.

You can now connect to the BatiScript app and retrieve the defect list associated with this user and update the defect status as resolved if the case.

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