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Error message during data synchronisation
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If an error message appears, during BatiScript synchronisation, check your internet connection is stopping the synchronisation from completing correctly.


According to the type of connection used, the server synchronisationconnection could be unstable, hampered, filtered or blocked, preventing synchronisation from occurring properly.


First, try synchronising again : it’s possible that the problem is temporary and due to a one-off connection error.

If the problem continues after several synchronisation attempts, according to the type of connection used, here are some possible solutions to try :

  • 3G/4G network : it’s possible that the flux is too weak or the connection too unstable to synchronise data. Try again somewhere where it is stronger or wait until the connection is more stable.
  • Free WiFi networks, hotspot types : these networks are protected bya firewall and the connection is restricted unless you are connected with a user id and password. You need to connect to the firewall to disactivate the restriction.
  • Organisation network (WiFi or Ethernet) : these networks are often filtered for security reasons. You have to provide your IT department with the list of addresses and ports used by BatiScript to ensure the connection is not blocked.

Note that devices can automatically connect to these types of networks, while users do not wish to connect to the internet : in this case you need to force a temporary network disconnection.

If none of these scenarios corresponds to your situation, or if the problem persists, we ask you to submit a new ticket

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