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Transfer of BatiScript data to another device
Last Updated 4 years ago

Transfer of BatiScript data between devices differs according to the licence you hold. Don’t forget to transfer your licence if you migrate to a new device.

Licence with synchronisation

You need to synchronise data on the original device then on the device designated to receive your BatiScript data.
If you can’t find your data after synchronisation, check the user using the related device has the right to access the data in question :

  • If it’s the same user, there’s nothing to do.
  • If there’s another user, he/she needs to be associated to the project site(s) to be synchronised (Site Management -> Associations).

Licence without synchronisation

It’s necessary to manually copy BatiScript data from the original device to the required device. Watch out : this seemingly simple operation, is dangerous for your data in the event of incorrect manipulation. To avoid any disappointment, don’t delete any file or folder and follow the instructions to the letter.

Here’s the procedure to follow :

  • On the original device, open Windows Explorer.
  • Click on the address bar at the top of the window, delete the path shown, an type %appdata%, as in the following example :
  • Approve with Enter or the arrow located at the right hand end of the address bar.
  • Enter into the BatiScript folder.
  • Copy and paste the USER folder onto a transfer support (USB key, external hard drive, shared network, etc.)
  • On the required device, open Windows Explorer and navigate to %appdata% as explained before.
  • If a BatiScript folder is already present, rename it BatiScript.backup.
  • Create a new folder caller BatiScript and enter into the folder.
  • Copy and Paste the USER folder from the transfer support.
Your data is now completely accessible on the required device.

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